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Collection: Across International Vacuum Oven

Do you need a drying appliance for your samples or botanical extracts? Then you’re in the right place. The Across International vacuum oven will do the job right.

The manufacturers create ovens of different sizes, vacuum pumps, and accessories. Therefore, browse the categories below to find what machine best suits your needs.

What is the Across International Vacuum Oven?

Across International vacuum ovens (a.k.a. AI vacuum oven) guarantee you top-tier engineering excellence and satisfaction in their products. Therefore, you’ll get ovens that provide you with ultimate temperature control.

Consequently, you’ll be able to dry, cure, and process samples consistently while maintaining their quality.

How Does the Across International Oven Work?

The product has exceptional abilities in removing moisture from substances. You’ll get that effect because the machine holds vacuum up to 10 times longer than typical vacuums.

Consequently, you create that high-temperature, low-pressure environment that facilitates rapid evaporation. 

The Heating Process

The heating process in the oven works through two systems. The first method involves transferring heat from the side walls to the sliding shelves, with or without a heat jacket. And the second system is through directly heated carrier plates or racks. 

Across International vacuum ovens, also use an air jacket mechanism to maintain even heating temperature across your samples. However, note that the process is time-consuming.

On the other hand, the plate heating mechanism uses heated sliding shelves to transfer heat into the vacuum chamber, which is a faster process.


You’ll get durability and easy maintenance with the product. That benefit is possible because engineers make the machine from durable stainless steel material.


You’ll find that the vacuum provides more accurate gauge readings and longer gauge life. That feature then works to help you attain accurate results by providing consistency across all your lab procedures. You can also add a digital apparatus to help you smooth the automation process.

What are the Benefits of Using the Across International Vacuum Ovens?

Technicians design the machine to create a deep vacuum chamber environment. And that effect facilitates rapid moisture removal and curing by maintaining ideal temperatures and pressure. Therefore, you’ll increase efficiency in your laboratory and save a ton of time. 

Here’s a deeper explanation of how the AI oven helps the laboratory, medical, electronics, and aerospace manufacturing personnel:

Drying Delicate Substances in the Laboratory

The vacuum ovens allow you to dry heat-sensitive materials gently. The accessory works by curing, disinfecting, or drying those samples in vacuum conditions.

And because of those reasons, the machine is popular among the medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, biological, and agriculture laboratories.

Botanical and cannabis extractors use the AI oven to remove contaminating solvents in the end-stage purification process. And through that technique, they create a high-quality, potent product. 

The Across International oven prevents the vacuum pump from sucking light substances. Moreover, you’ll also stop pressure damage to your samples. The tool produces those benefits by slowing down the initial pump of the vacuum drying procedure.

Optimizing Laboratory Procedures

There’s nothing more convenient to a scientist or lab technician than removing gas, moisture, and chemicals that interfere with reactions.

The Across International vacuum oven thus prevents oxidation of substances while drying. Experts also recommend adding inert gas such as nitrogen and argon gas to help with that protective effect.

You can also use the AI vacuum oven to dry explosive, toxic, and highly flammable substances. And you don’t have to worry about exposing your laboratory personnel to any harmful fumes.

Medical Accessory Manufacturing

This medical industry uses the AI vacuum oven to sterilize delicate medical equipment. And through that process, manufacturers kill lingering bacteria and their spores, toxic chemicals, and residual water.

Therefore, drying the products helps prevent diseases because doctors use the tools in surgical, drug administration, blood drawing procedures, etc.

Electronic Appliance Manufacturing

Engineers use the Across International oven to remove moisture in circuit boards. The oven thus dries the products without damaging any fragile electronic parts with intense heat. Therefore, you don’t have to worry if your electronic gadgets such as watches or phones get wet.

The machine also helps the manufacturers prevent their items from off-gassing when entering space. And they contain that problem by curing the pieces of equipment with the oven beforehand.

Aerospace Equipment Manufacturing

The AI vacuum oven helps aerospace engineers test how their products will fare in the harsh environment in space. And thus, the closest they can get to simulating the high vacuum pressure conditions found in space is through the Across International vacuum oven.

Therefore, the information they obtain from test results informs them of the probability that a self-assembling satellite will be able to launch successfully.

What are the Features of the AI Vacuum Oven?

Some of the exceptional features you’ll get with the vacuum oven include:

  • Stainless steel or stone shelving to enhance durability.
  • An adjustable gas inlet with a needle valve for proper airflow or gas control.
  • A heating jacket that promotes fast heat distribution from the surrounding five sides.
  • Extra adjustable ports allow you to control the temperature better.
  • Each shelf has a temperature sensor.
  • A removable, easy-to-clean check valve to prevent sample contamination.
  • Removable slide-in shelves allow you to create more space within the device when needed.
  • A built-in alarm system to enable you to know in case of sudden shutdowns when there are out-of-range temperatures.
  • A dual-layer viewing window made of tempered glass to protect you.
  • A standing unit made with wheels that promote portability.

Do You Need a Vacuum Pump?

Using the vacuum oven with pump will increase your lab’s efficiency, especially if running multiple ovens. Therefore, you can supplement with a membrane, rotary, or rotary vane pump.

That selection depends on the suction power, end vacuum, and type of application (oil usage, chemical resistance, and gases released).

Get the Best Across International Vacuum Ovens

The oven helps you optimize your lab, research, and industrial work. You’ll dry your samples fast and efficiently while preserving their integrity, thus saving time and energy costs. 

Buy Across International vacuum oven for sale now!