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7.5 CuFt 250°C UL 5 Sided Heating Vacuum Oven 18 Shelf Max - 220V

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This vacuum oven is powerful, gentle, and cost-saving. Also, you can rely on the premier technology our engineers use to make the product. 

An excellent example is the energy economization feature. Designers make the oven with 3" of insulation on the walls, preventing heat loss. And that design works both ways. External temperatures won’t interfere with the vacuum’s warmth.

The 7.5 cubic foot machine will fit up to 18 aluminum thermo-heated shelves. Those racks ensure temperature uniformity and accuracy in all your procedures. 

Furthermore, you’ll dry heat-sensitive items confidently. And, you’ll carry out industrial or laboratory operations fast. All those benefits are thanks to the low-pressure condition inside the vacuum.

Hence, the machine is ideal for applications such as degassing, processing delicate extracts, drying electrical appliances, glass, and metals.

Our engineers ensure the vacuum oven provides a consistent temperature. Therefore, you’ll find control circuits and the digital PID monitor. Those appliances revert the temperature to normal in case of any significant deviations.

Manufacturers developed the oven with your comfort in mind. 

And for that purpose, they use high-quality, durable, rust-resistant, and easy to clean stainless steel. Hence, you’ll find the interior and internal tubings with that material.

We have unmatched safety standards. To illustrate, you’ll get features like temperature alarms, dual-layer 1/2" safety glass, and overtemp protection. 

Moreover, the machine meets the ISO and UL safety standards. And it surpasses our thorough vacuum leak tests. We back up that claim with a two-year warranty and test the machine twice before shipping. 

Feel free to contact us by phone or email in case of any glitch with the vacuum oven.


This oven is offered in 220v 50/60Hz.

Please do not leave your oven unattended.

Operate oven at 200C for 15 minutes to clean the oven when it arrives.