About Us

High Desert Scientific was founded to bridge the gap between equipment sales and laboratory/manufacturing operations. All too often, we see salesmen pushing unnecessary or improper equipment on customers simply for a commission. At HDS, we evaluate your needs & goals individually, curating a bespoke equipment list at the best possible prices to meet—and hopefully exceed—your expectations.

Not only will we tell you what equipment you need, we'll show you how to properly install and use it. We offer phone, video, chat & on-site consulting services, and in-depth experience & knowledge of every piece of equipment we offer, as well as laboratory buildout & design, process design & training, SOP writing, safety & compliance, product formulations and more.

If we don't have a piece of equipment or service you need, we can also help you find it! Through our extensive network of OEMs, suppliers, consultants and operators, we'll solve any problem you have and help your business stay on task and operating at maximum efficiency.

If it'll help you succeed, we're there to be your partner and make it happen for you.