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Collection: Buy Vacuum Oven with Pump for Sale

Buy Vacuum Oven with Pump for Sale

Do you need to dry samples quickly and effectively? Or perhaps you need to extract compounds from heated material. Then the vacuum oven with pump is your best solution.

The highly-skilled engineers equip the appliance with the best technology in the market. Therefore, you'll find affordable, durable, and impeccable machines on this page.

Choose the best one suited for your needs and if you need any custom requests, feel free to contact us.

What is a Vacuum Oven with Pump?

The vacuum oven is a device that helps you obtain precise results from your lab and industrial procedures. The tool removes moisture, gas, and other chemicals that might contaminate your reactions.

That drying process is gentle and consistent, thus preventing oxidative damage. Moreover, you'll also minimize the risk of poisoning your laboratory partners with any harmful chemical fumes.

What are the Features of the Vacuum Oven with Pump?

Experts designed the oven to work by decreasing the temperature and pressure of the substances placed in the vacuum chamber. And you'll remove the impurities without damaging any of your samples.

The features include:

  • It has a built-in cooling system.
  • It has a pump to speed up the purifying process.
  • It has a recorder, timer, alarm, and options to log in those details.
  • It has racks, shelves, and multiple carts to fit your items.
  • The oven ensures your safety as it's explosion-proof.

How Does The Machine Help You?

Drying Delicate Samples

The machine is effective for drying substances that deteriorate quickly. And you achieve that effect by drying samples at the lowest temperature possible. Other uses include curing epoxies, degassing liquids, baking out, moisture calculation, aging tests, and heat treating.

Faster Results

Are you a researcher, industrial plant expert, or laboratory scientist? The vacuum oven with pump allows you to complete your experiments fast. For example, when using substances that don't dry quickly, such as powders and granular samples.

Sample Preservation

The vacuum drying oven with pump allows you to recover valuable components in dried materials. And interestingly, you can use the tool to dry inflammable and explosive dangerous items.

You'll preserve the integrity of your samples because the oven doesn't allow airflow into the system. That benefit is an improvement compared to the traditional circulation techniques for moisture and impurities removal.

Moreover, the vacuum design increases the durability of your machine because no outside air comes into contact with it.

Industries Using the Vacuum Oven

Equipment Manufacturers

A vacuum oven for sale will help you dry and sterilize delicate products. Apply this utility whether you’re making electronics or disinfecting medical tools. The low pressure and high temperature will preserve all your items' integrity without altering the quality of the result.

Assuredly, buy vacuum ovens with pump, and viruses, bacteria, and fungi won’t survive on your products. You’ll thus maintain high hygiene standards in your hospital. What’s more? You’ll enhance the durability of your products because you’ve purged the rust-inducing moisture.

Solvent Extraction

Botanical or cannabis extracts contain delicate active compounds. Without these molecules, the end products will be ineffective to the users. Manufacturing essential oils, therefore, requires efficient extraction and purification. But there’s a problem.

How do you purge the solvents you’ve used without degrading vital molecules? You’ll get that convenience when you buy vacuum oven with pump. This device helps you secure a top place in the market with pure and potent products.

Buy the Best Vacuum Oven for Sale

A trustworthy vendor will save you countless buying headaches. You’ll recognize these sellers by checking customer reviews, the presence of quality tests, and verifiable payment methods. A low-quality product is terrible for your budget and dangerous to your company.

Choose vacuum ovens with pump for sale whose material design is stainless steel. This material prevents oxidation reactions which could contaminate your sample load. You’ll also have stress-free cleaning and maintenance time helping you enhance productivity.

Take your time. You’ll get value for your money by following those buying standards.

What is a Vacuum Pump?

A vacuum pump is a device that allows you to remove air and gases from a sealed container. Thus the tool creates a clean and sealed space with none of those molecules.

Therefore, manufacturers design the accessory in wet and dry variations to help you pump different media types.

What are the Benefits of a Pump in Your Vacuum Oven?

Imagine a machine that runs all your work with the tap of a single button. Imagine how much trouble you would save yourself if you didn't have to monitor the oven.

Imagine using the tool without needing complicated programming setup procedures. That smooth experience is what you would get from using a vacuum oven with pump. Here are some benefits to expect.

Separation Procedures

The vacuum pump is priceless in applications that require you to separate components in a mixture accurately and consistently. Therefore, the machine works by helping you evaporate or distill one compound at a time, preventing contamination. You'll also maximize yields and minimize process times.

Time and Energy Saving

The pump helps you keep suction on your culture media consistent when moving from one procedure to another. Therefore, buying a vacuum oven with a pump will prevent energy and time waste.

Here are some things you have to consider before buying your machine:

  • Your oven's volume.
  • The chemistry of the type of vapors produced.
  • The vacuum level you need for the process.
  • The mass of vapors you'll be removing.
  • Whether the pump is compact, lightweight, or portable.

Easy Control

The engineers design the vacuum oven with pump with an automatic controller. The device helps you run your machine quietly and reduces wear and tear.

You'll enhance that durability when the pump adjusts the motor to run at much less than full speed while heating your samples adequately. Moreover, the device doesn't require much maintenance because all you have to do is clean it at some point if you're pulling wet vapor.

No oil spills

You won't get oil spills, sample contamination with oil, exhaust smoke, or the hassle of changing oils. That convenience is possible because the machine is oil-free.

Damage Protection

The pump technicians also place a liquid trap in front of the vacuum pump. And that measure prevents oxidation when vapor condensed within the vacuum line from being drawn back into the vacuum pump. You can also add additional inlet cold traps to remove high vapor amounts to protect your oven.

Different Pumping Rates

Note that the pumping rate of each device depends on the composition of the gas you're pumping and the type of oven you're using.

Here are examples of the vacuum pumps you'll get depending on the quality and desired volume level:

  • A rough or low-volume vacuum pump.
  • A fine or medium vacuum pump.
  • A high vacuum pump.
  • An ultrahigh vacuum pump and,
  • An extreme vacuum pump.

The main difference between the five machines is the scarcity of the number of molecules obtained. And experts calculate that quality standard as the pressure exerted by the residual gases.

Therefore, the lower the pressure, the more the number of molecules per cubic centimeter, and thus you get a higher quality vacuum.

Improve Your Lab's Efficiency

The vacuum drying oven with pump is ideal for improving your industry's productivity, accuracy, and efficiency. The benefits come from the control you get in maintaining temperature consistency and rapid drying across your procedures.

Moreover, you'll also preserve heat-sensitive items such as foods, cosmetics, etc., while drying.

When you add the pump to the vacuum oven, you hasten the drying processes. And that effect increases your work rate, thus helping you progress faster in your research and laboratory operations.

Purchase the vacuum oven with pump and vacuum drying ovens with vacuum pumps as complete kits now!