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2x 3.2 CuFt Vacuum Oven Package with Mobile Cart, Cold Trap & Pump

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You might have some doubts. For example, what guarantees the Across International Vacuum Oven’s worth? 

Well, all our machines pass rigorous quality-check exams and leak tests. Thus ensuring the design smooth-lines all your operations. Additionally, we offer a two-year warranty.

You’ll dry substances faster with the apparatus than if you used conventional ovens. How? The appliance has deep vacuum levels ideal for degassing or purging extracts and resins. 

The vacuum then reduces the boiling point, allowing solvents and dilutants to quickly and efficiently evaporate. Therefore, you can use the machine for various applications, including curing, converting oil extracts, drying electrical appliances, etc.

What about the capacity? Your laboratory will benefit from the 3.2 cubic foot space and three heated shelves. Moreover, there’s widespread temperature distribution in the vacuum, allowing consistency. And the 3” wall insulation saves you energy costs by preventing heat wastage.

The oven creates vacuum conditions that prevent surface reactions such as oxidation for quality preservation. And you’ll maintain those purity standards because the machine uses inert gases such as argon. Also, the KF25 inlet filter prevents foreign objects from mixing with your samples.

Monitoring has never been easier with the Across International Vacuum Oven. 

Technicians equip the appliance with a low proportional gain temperature controller. That sensitive regulator has alarms to notify you of unintended changes within a +/- 1° F/C range. Moreover, you’ll get a ¾” dual-layered tempered safety glass viewing window and built-in LED lights.

The stainless steel interior is durable enough to withstand a 250C temperature range. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about accidental explosions. And as a bonus, you’ll clean any stains from the metal parts briskly.

Still on safety, our machine meets the UL 61010-1, CE, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 12100-1:2003, ISO 12100-2:2003, CSA C22.2, EN1050:1996, EN294:1992, EN 60204-1:2006 safety grades. And the engineers toughen the vacuum, vent valve, and internal tubing metal parts for heavy-duty use.

Additional features:

  • Lifetime parts and service support out of New Jersey or Nevada for quick support. Email or Phone assistance within 30 minutes from Across International Engineers.
  • It has a Heavy-duty powder-coated steel mobile cart with two removable and adjustable side shelves.
  • The machine has a Viton solvent-resistant gasket (x2) available, +$648.
  • It has an oil-filled vacuum gauge.
  • The oven has over-temp protection.
  • We conduct a 2x 24hour vacuum leak test before shipping the oven.
  • Footprint with AT32, pump, and cold trap is 63x40x67" (LxWXH)
  • "AT32 UL" is UL certified, "AT32 ECO" is NOT UL or ETL certified.