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Buy Vacuum Ovens for Sale

Buy reliable, affordable, and durable vacuum ovens for sale that we have sourced from our top-tier brand partners in the market.

The vacuum ovens are a must-have to improve your commercial laboratory's efficiency, productivity, and product quality. Therefore, you'll find the equipment crucial in solvent removal, terpene isolation, and media drying procedures.

The models we have listed below have surpassed our high standards. Scroll on for the entire inventory of our well-curated products.

What is a Vacuum Oven?

A vacuum or purging oven is a valuable lab and industrial tool used for various purposes.

For example, you'll benefit most from heating substances and removing volatile impurities. The equipment achieves that effect through the vacuum chamber, which reduces pressure, thus reducing the boiling points of different compounds.

Why is a Vacuum Oven Important?

A vacuum oven allows you to vaporize substances fast. Because, contrary to popular opinion, vacuum ovens don't only dry substances with heat. The product works primarily as a pressure device.

Therefore, that heat and pressure feature saves you time and trouble in your lab procedures. The principle behind that spectacular benefit has its basis in simple physics. Compounds have vapor pressure which dictates when the substances will evaporate.

The vacuum oven thus helps you achieve that vaporization. And it's for the same reason you'll find that water boils slowly at sea level and quickly at high altitudes.

How Does a Vacuum Oven Help You?

You'll find the product handy in many lab procedures requiring high-level safety and pure end-products.

For example, people use ovens for out-gassing, removing residual solvents such as water, drying products, baking out, drying glassware, chemical reactions requiring heat, inert atmosphere, etc.

The oven contains the heat within the machine using a heat shield or an insulator. That apparatus also helps you control the boiling and melting points of substances. And that effect ensures that the organic substances you're purifying attain a high potency.

Here are other uses beyond the laboratory:

Medical Device Manufacturing

Experts use vacuum ovens to kill pathogens and remove any humidity in their equipment. The sterilizing effect allows patient safety while water removal protects the equipment from rust damage.

Electronics Manufacturing

The technicians use the ovens to remove humidity that damages equipment such as circuit boards, watches, and phones. Moreover, the process removes the moisture without damaging the delicate items.

Aerospace Manufacturing

Engineers test whether their satellites work by using the oven. The tool simulates the same vacuum conditions in space to prevent off-gassing and other unpredictable problems.

How Does a Vacuum Oven Differ From Other Ovens?

Faster Results

Imagine an oven that works up to six times better than the typical oven. What's more, you get those rapid results with minimal energy wastage. That's the convenience you'll get when using the vacuum oven when it helps you change the pressure and heat to reach the ideal levels.

The speedy turn-around time ‌makes the oven priceless in industries. Repeat customers include manufacturers of aerospace, electronics, medical equipment, and organic chemistry laboratories.

Moreover, oil and organic concentrate extractors use the product to improve cost-effectiveness in their companies.

Vacuum Ovens are Long-lasting and Contaminant-free

The product saves you the hassle and expenses of buying new equipment due to damage by rust and oxidization. And because of that effect, you prevent the risk of contaminating other substances you want to heat in the oven.

The tool also helps you easily remove trace solvents by decreasing the vacuum pressure and thus their boiling point.

Easy Evaporation of Volatile Substances

The vacuum oven allows you to extract and purify evaporative substances simply and effectively. You get that benefit when the equipment lowers the solvent's boiling point. Consequently, volatile liquids turn to gasses promptly for easy filtration.

Filter Out Contaminants

When you combine the significant effects of heat and pressure, you get vacuum drying, a valuable tool for heating samples. Therefore, you'll remove impurities such as butane or propane that remain in the oven before using it again.

Furthermore, the vacuum oven is undemanding to clean because it's made from pressure-resistant stainless material.

Achieve Consistency and Multitask

People using a vacuum oven don't have to waste precious time manually controlling the equipment. That usefulness occurs because vacuum monitors are computer-controlled.

And that helps you input your preferred temperatures and pressures once. Consequently, your procedures will attain preciseness, and you'll free up time for use in other enriching activities.

Quick Cooldown Time

The oven allows you to move between procedures quickly and efficiently, and that benefit is possible because the tool uses Argon. Argon is an inert gas used in a cooling process known as quenching, thus making the vacuum oven the most preferred appliance in an industrial lab.

Shower the oven with the gas, whose pressure is two times or more depending on the oven you're using. You'll then collect the heated gas after absorbing heat from the system.

And you'll contain the hot Argon into a heat exchanger for rapid cooldown. That process can also use helium, hydrogen, or nitrogen gas.

Multiple Applications

The vacuum oven handles as many laboratory or industrial procedures as you need. You'll notice the utility in the number of shelves available with adequate capacity, heating times that differ with each model, and spring-mounted glass seals.

How Do You Use the Vacuum Oven?

The vacuum oven is excellent at drying delicate material and removing combustible solvents. Here are some procedures you can carry out with the vacuum oven:

Drying or Dehydrating

The oven is suitable for removing moisture content from samples. And therefore, a popular pick among biological, clinical, and environmental laboratories.


The product removes bacteria and kills microorganisms from lab equipment. Therefore helping you prevent the spread of diseases within the laboratory.


People use the product to enhance durability in glass and metal. They heat the two items in the oven and then cool slowly to attain that effect.


The oven helps you make a purer, more potent product. That effect happens through the low pressure and high-temperature modalities.

Features of a Quality Vacuum Oven

There's only one rule: buy vacuum oven from reputable vendors. You'll get an easy, stress-free time on your procedures. This benefit occurs through a built-in temperature regulator, which alarms you of heat deviation. You'll thus get warmth consistency and prevent sample degradation.

Machines with thick stainless steel walls help you save on energy costs by improving the vacuum oven's efficiency. Heat loss decreases, and you prevent vacuum leaks. Moreover, oxidation reactions will never alter your load quality.

Buy A Vacuum Oven

Getting a vacuum oven for sale is easy. The tricky part is choosing the right vendor to deliver a high-quality machine. After all, you wouldn't want to lose your hard-earned money to dubious sellers, do you? So, here's how you ensure you get value for your resources.

A quick way to know whether you're getting a quality machine is through reviews from verified customers. You can quickly get this information from a company's social media presence. Sample a handful of clients. Are the purchasers happy with the machine? If yes, buy.

Return policies on vacuum ovens for sale help prevent stress because of faulty products. Good companies will also have a fast delivery time (1-2 days),, helping you plan and schedule your operations. Check a seller's website or call their number to get more details.

Avoid online scammers by scrutinizing legitimate payment methods. Why? Because giving out your credit card information to unverified merchants will expose you to theft risk. Or worse, some people may use your details to commit crimes. So, buy vacuum ovens wisely!


Some oven systems are sensitive to oxidation at high temperatures if exposed to oxygen at 400°F. Therefore, allow time for cooling before opening the equipment.

Use the 0.9-16cu ft vacuum ovens for solvent removal, terpene isolation, and media drying.