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Across International

2x 5.0 CuFt Vacuum Oven Package with Mobile Cart, Cold Trap & Pump

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The Across International Vacuum Oven boasts of 25 years of technological innovation. Therefore, you can bet that you’re getting a reliable and efficient machine.

And other than flawless operations, the 5.0 cubic foot space allows you enough room to heat items in large batches. So, whether you’re a researcher or an industrial processor, the vacuum oven will do the job.

Our engineers allow you a flexible capacity beyond the five heated walls and seven shelves. You can therefore remove some shelves to create more space. Or you can add up to 14 racks to group samples for drying.

The vacuum oven design facilitates temperature distribution to every corner of the machine. Hence, you can utilize it for heating baked goods, aerospace electronics testing, semiconductors, metallurgy, and drying botanical extracts.

But what if external temperatures interfere with the heat? Don’t worry. The Across International Vacuum Oven has a low proportional gain temperature controller with alarms to notify you of unintended changes. Furthermore, a sensitive temperature control system is set within +/- 1° F/C.

And what if foreign items enter the oven while clearing the vacuum? Rest assured, our keen engineers equip the machine with the KF25 inlet filter. You’ll therefore maintain preciseness in all your operations.

Besides, the machine is easy to clean as the developers make it with stainless steel. And when cleaning is speedy, you can spend more time conducting experiments or baking.

Imagine how much trouble and money you would save if you never had to re-heat poorly dried substances. Well, the 3” wall insulation prevents heat loss. Thus, the machine fully utilizes the 250C temperature range for excellent results.

Unlike other inferior ovens, the Across International Vacuum Oven design won’t explode or cause fire accidents. Our machine meets the UL 61010-1, CE, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 12100-1:2003, ISO 12100-2:2003, CSA C22.2, EN1050:1996, EN294:1992, EN 60204-1:2006 safety regulations.

What’s more, the oven has an over-temp shield. And creators fortify all the parts with robust stainless steel. Hence, the vacuum, vent valve, and internal tubing will resist any heat and pressure conditions. 

Finally, the machine builders ensure you monitor your objects safely. It, therefore, has a ¾” dual-layered tempered safety glass viewing window and built-in LED lights. 

Additional features:

  • A 2 Year Warranty. Lifetime parts and service support out of New Jersey or Nevada for quick support. Email or Phone assistance within 30 minutes from Across International Engineers.
  • It has a Heavy-duty powder-coated steel mobile cart with two removable and adjustable side shelves.
  • Deep vacuum levels are ideal for degassing or purging extracts and resins. The vacuum reduces the boiling point, allowing solvents and dilutants to quickly and efficiently evaporate.
  • It has a Viton solvent-resistant gasket (x2) available, +$648.
  • It has an oil-filled vacuum gauge.
  • We conduct a 2x 24hour vacuum leak test before shipping the oven.
  • Footprint with AT50, pump, and cold trap is 67x46x81.5" (LxWxH)
  • "AT50 UL" is UL certified, "AT50 ECO" is NOT UL or ETL certified.