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1.9 CF ECO Vacuum Oven w/ V4D Vacuum Pump Kit

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Picture this. You’ve bought a vacuum oven, and years later, the machine is still functional and without leakages. Wouldn’t that be a wise investment? Undoubtedly, it would.

You’ll get a cost-effective, durable, and reliable appliance from the reputable brand, BVV. This vacuum oven will give you incomparable consistency and purity standards in all your batches. And, the machine will always perform when you need it most.

The oven offers you a four-wall heating system, and you’ll fit up to 11 shelves in the 1.9 cubic foot space. So you can apply the machine in lab operations, degassing botanical extracts, or purging solvents.

Engineers make the vacuum oven with a stainless steel interior for maximal heat retainment, giving you those benefits. Additionally, you’ll get a faster drying turnaround time because the apparatus can reach a vacuum level below 0.1 Torr.

Indeed, the ECO vacuum oven will be worth your time and money.

Also, cleaning and maintenance have never been easier. Artisans make this machine with stainless steel that is corrosive and rust-resistant.

But what about laboratory safety? You’ll get an LED PID controller that regulates temperature and an over-temp protection feature. There’s also a ½” tempered glass window with LEDs for easy and risk-free monitoring.

Improve your laboratory’s efficiency with the ECO vacuum oven now!

Our ovens offer:

  • The guaranteed industry standards ability to lose less than 1 umHg over a 24 hour period.
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Reliable deep vacuum that reaches below 0.1 torr. with stainless steel compression-fit tubing and stainless steel instrumentation valves.
  • Uniform heat which is key to an effective oven. Our ovens offer 7% temperature uniformity across all shelves with offering ±1 ° stability in temperature.
  • Comes standard with the maximum number of shelves and a well-lit LED interior.
  • Items Included: 5' 37 ° female flared HVAC hose; USA power cord; and oven operation manual. You'll get the complete package only with BVV.

    Key Oven Features:

    • 1/4" JIC Vacuum Port with included 5' HVAC Hose
    • Easy Vac-Release Dial allows release of vacuum without disconnecting pump or purge
    • Stainless steel interior for a sanitary, easy-to-clean look
    • Overload circuit breaker for electrical protection
    • Comes standard with 4 (0.9CF Eco models) or 5 shelves (1.9CF Eco models)