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7.5 CF Vacuum Oven w/ V9D 9 CFM Two Stage Vacuum Pump kit

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You're probably wondering how long this machine will serve you if you make this purchase. Rest assured, the BVV vacuum oven will perform for years. This durability comes from how engineers make this machine.

To illustrate, you'll get a stainless steel design on all parts, an overcurrent circuit breaker, and an automatic over-temperature shutoff feature. Undoubtedly, the machine's quality speaks for itself.

Technicians make the oven with an easy-to-use interface, giving you the comfort of smooth operations. And you'll learn things fast if there are new operations you didn't know. Also, you'll have quick and quality processing time because of the deep vacuum level.

The 7.5 cubic foot space is large enough to fit the five heated, non-removable shelves in the oven. This feature heats all your batch operations uniformly. Furthermore, you'll get effective drying, purging, or degassing because of the consistent heat and the deep vacuum.

But what about the price? The BVV vacuum oven is a cost-effective machine. And to extend this benefit, you'll minimize energy consumption and smooth line operations, all without compromising load quality.

For example, you'll create a vacuum within ten minutes. And the appliance will hold those conditions for approximately 24 hours with less than 1 "Hg (25.4 Torr) loss.

Enhance your lab's productivity and efficiency with the 7.5 CF BVV vacuum oven!


Our vacuum ovens are purpose-built to perform degassing / purging of light hydrocarbon solvents. Using the technique of cold boiling, the oven applies a gentle heat under reduced pressure conditions to expedite solvent degassing while simultaneously preserving color, aroma, and overall solute quality.

We've applied our extensive vacuum expertise and industry experience to produce a series of ovens designed exactly for your needs: low consumption, high-throughput, and reliable operation.


  • Temperature Stability: ±1.0°
  • Temperature Uniformity: within 4% of the temperature setpoint.
  • Heat-Up Time: 20 minutes.
  • Ultimate Vacuum: <500 µmHg / mTorr / micron
  • Time to Vacuum: 10 minutes to 29"Hg
  • Vacuum Hold: guaranteed to lose less than 1"Hg (25.4 torr) in 24 hours.