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5.0 CF ECO 150°C Vacuum Oven, 14 Shelf Max

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You want a vacuum oven that works. We offer more than that. You’ll get a tested and proven appliance made with over 25 years of technological perfection. 

Also, did you know that this appliance is the largest of the ECO series ovens? Now you know.

The machine is excellent for curing or drying extracts and resins without damaging them. You’ll also get heat consistency (up to 150°C) on the vacuum load without constant monitoring. Each thermo-conducting shelf (up to 14) in that 5.0 cubic foot vacuum will ensure you get those benefits.

What’s more,

Our seasoned engineers design the oven to attain deep vacuum levels. Thus, degassing/purging or drying processes occur quickly. 

Hence, companies using this device increase their productivity and yield. And they save on energy costs.

That efficiency is also a product of the 3” insulation wall. The oven also has PID monitors equipped with thermocouples, thus detecting slight temperature changes. And immediately when that warmth alteration occurs, it’s reverted to your initially set value.

Our developers assure you of superior product quality in your laboratory and industrial operations. Inert gases maintain those pristine conditions by removing the accumulated vapor. Also, the vacuum space is free from any impurities.

Is this oven durable? Yes. Our seasoned engineers make the product’s interior with rust-free, easy-to-clean stainless steel. 

We guarantee your safety from accidental laboratory explosions. How? You’ll notice a temperature alarm notifying you of potentially dangerous temperatures. Also, the robust stainless steel covers almost all machine parts, such as the internal tubing, vent valve and oil-filled vacuum gauge.

Additionally, you’ll get a dual-layer viewing window with 1/2" tempered safety glass. Other protective protocols include strict adherence to the ISO regulation standards.

Finally, here’s the best part, 

We give you a two-year warranty to calm any uncertainties you might have. And we test for any vacuum leaks through a 2-time-24 hour routine before shipping. Contact us via phone or email in case of any problems.