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3.2 Cu Ft ECO 150°C Vacuum Oven w/ 3 Heated Shelves

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Imagine drying items without the need for constant monitoring. You’ll get that comfort and temperature consistency with this machine.

How does that work?

Our technicians add a digital PID device to the vacuum oven. And what does that appliance do? The monitor detects temperature change using thermocouples. Then, it reverts the heat back to the set value.

The 3” insulation wall also supports that feature. Also, the appliance can fit three thermo-conductive aluminium shelves. And those racks further enhance temperature uniformity. 

What can you heat with the 3.2 cubic foot machine? Our expert team recommends using the vacuum for drying complex electronic parts, purging extracts, or degassing. Therefore, you’ll get a fast drying time without energy loss or damaging delicate objects. Plus, you will increase productivity and yield quality.

Safety is our number one priority. Hence, you’ll find that the manufacturers fortify most oven parts with stainless steel. 

Examples include the internal tubing, vacuum and vent valve. Those metal parts provide unmatched durability as they are corrosion-proof. And you’ll clean and maintain your appliance easily. 

You’ll get an overtemp protection circuitry. And that add-on shuts down the machine due to out of range temperatures. You’ll also notice a temperature alarm to alert you of those events, and there’s a dual-layer 1/2" safety viewing glass.

The machine meets the ISO manufacturing specifications. And to assure quality, we test all ovens for vacuum leaks twice in 24hrs before shipping.

Feel free to contact us via email or phone if you need any assistance.