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5.0 CuFt 250C 5 Sided Heating UL Vacuum Oven

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What can you do with a stellar vacuum oven? The 5.0 cubic foot machine helps you dry items fast. 

And you’ll preserve your vacuum load’s quality. Examples of delicate objects you can dry include extracts, resins, glass, or electronic parts.

A speedy, efficient and safe turnaround time results from three factors.

First, the machine has heaters (up to 250C) and 3" of insulation on the walls. There’s also a digital PID monitor that detects and corrects heat variation. Those features thus maintain heat retention and temperature consistency. 

Second, vacuum ovens run under low-pressure conditions. The reduced air tension thus allows solvents to evaporate below their usual boiling point. And the appliance also prevents the damage of heat-sensitive items through that mechanism.

Third, the appliance can fit up to 14 thermal-conductance racks. Those shelves further enhance efficiency by promoting uniform heat distribution.

The vacuum environment is contaminant-free. Also, engineers equip the machine with inert gases such as argon or helium. And that measure prevents sample degradation from oxidation reactions. 

But what if the temperature exceeds and the oven explodes? That will never happen. 

What guarantees that? The technicians have temperature alarms notifying you of any glitch. There’s also an overtemp protection and a 1/2" dual-layer safety glass.


You can confirm our temperature and pressure standards with the ISO and UL specifications. And we test our machines twice before shipping to guarantee integrity and safety. 

Are you still doubting the power of this vacuum oven? We offer a two-year warranty. Additionally, you'll get a phone or email support directly from our engineers in case of any problem.

Additional features:

  • A 2 Year Warranty. Lifetime parts and service support out of New Jersey or Nevada for quick support. Email or Phone assistance within 30 minutes from Across International Engineers.
  • It has a Heavy-duty powder-coated steel mobile cart with two removable and adjustable side shelves.
  • Deep vacuum levels are ideal for degassing or purging extracts and resins. The vacuum reduces the boiling point, allowing solvents and dilutants to quickly and efficiently evaporate.
  • It has a Viton solvent-resistant gasket (x2) available, +$648.
  • It has an oil-filled vacuum gauge.
  • We conduct a 2x 24hour vacuum leak test before shipping the oven.
  • Footprint with AT50, pump, and cold trap is 67x46x81.5" (LxWxH)
  • "AT50 UL" is UL certified, "AT50 ECO" is NOT UL or ETL certified.