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7.5 CuFt 250°C UL Vacuum Oven w/ 5 Heated Shelves

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The vacuum oven gives you fast and gentle drying. And you’ll cut the duration up to six times than if you used a conventional oven. 

You’re probably wondering how.

Our gifted technicians design the machine with state-of-the-art technology for a speedy heat up. Also, you’ll notice the remarkable heat distribution to every part of the 7.5 cubic foot vacuum. 

That seamless and uniform drying is a product of the five stainless steel shelves equipped with heaters. And to prevent heat loss, the machine has 3" of insulation on the walls. 

Here’s the best part,

Temperature consistency will never be an issue. Why? A digital PID that uses thermocouples assesses any temperature difference from your set value and re-sets it back to normal.

What do we recommend you use the oven for? Large-scale drying of heat-sensitive botanical extracts and resins, testing complex aerospace equipment, and regaining de-gassed items. 

Additionally, the device helps you remove moisture from adsorbents and color remediating media. Or you can dry glass equipment you use for water-sensitive chemical reactions.

The vacuum oven has an implosion cushion. And to provide that safety, engineers made the appliance with a dual-layer 1/2" safety glass, temperature alarms, and overtemp protection. Furthermore, the temperature and pressure data comply with the ISO and UL regulations.

We counter-check the oven at least twice 24 hours before shipping to ensure quality. You’ll also get a two-year warranty. And we provide phone or email assistance in case of any troubleshooting.


This oven is offered in 110v and 220v 50/60Hz.

Please do not leave your oven unattended.

Operate oven at 200C for 15 minutes to clean the oven when it arrives.