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1.9 CuFt 500°c Vacuum Oven

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Did you know ‌this oven holds a vacuum up to 10 times longer? Now you do.

What’s more, that’s the least of the benefits.

The stainless steel valves give you a cleaner connection. And when the required warmth fills the vacuum, the 3” insulation prevents heat wastage. 

Also, you’ll maximize heat uniformity and consistency. Why? Because the oven’s aluminum shelves (add up to 10) are thermo-conductive. Hence, those racks gain and distribute heat easily from the five heating pads on the wall.

Temperature regulation is easy and hands-free. How? Our seasoned engineers equip the machine with digital PID monitors made with thermocouples. 

That device ensures that the temperature doesn’t exceed the required level. And the best part is that the apparatus will also recalibrate the oven’s warmth back to the set value. Therefore, you’ll get faster, efficient, and high-quality drying times (up to 25% faster).

What are the oven’s ideal uses?

The 500°C temperature rating gives you incomparable flexibility. Hence, laboratory scientists use the machine for annealing and other high-temperature applications. Also, you’ll comfortably carry out degassing/purging procedures on extracts. And you’ll dry glass and metal equipment while preserving their integrity. 

The oven’s stainless steel interior gives you easy cleaning and maintenance time. Those metal parts are also rust-free and durable enough to withstand extreme heat. 

Moreover, all your procedures will be contaminant-free. Why? Because the machine uses inert gases to purge any vapor and gases likely to cause any oxidation reactions.

What about safety? Technicians equip the appliance with a temperature alarm and an over-temp protection feature. And those add-ons inform you in case of an emergency shutdown by safety circuitry. 

Furthermore, developers ensure that the design and technology adhere to the strict ISO manufacturing standards. And you’ll get a water-cooled door for easy handling.

Our astute engineers assure you of quality, efficiency, and reliability. They confirm those qualities by testing for vacuum leaks through a 2 time-24 hr routine. Also, you’ll get a two-year warranty.

And we are available for support in case you encounter any problems.


This oven is offered in 110v and 220v 50/60Hz.

Please do not leave your oven unattended.

Operate oven at 200C for 15 minutes to clean the oven when it arrives.