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3.2 CuFt 250°C UL Vacuum Oven w/ 3 Heated Shelves

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Imagine a vacuum oven that dries your items fast and efficiently. You’ll get all that power without a ridiculous electricity bill.

And here's the best part:

We offer a two-year warranty. That’s how much we trust our product to give you a quality experience.

You’ll get incomparable versatility with the medium size 3.2 cubic foot appliance. Also, you can add up to three aluminum thermal-conducting shelves. Those racks are removable. Thus, you have the freedom to rearrange the space as you see fit.

What can you do with the oven?

You'll dry glass and metal equipment. How? All you have to do is set your ideal temperature values. Then you leave the heating pads equipped on each of the five walls to do the rest of the job. 

You’ll heat delicate extracts and resins comfortably. And you’ll preserve any heat-sensitive compounds present in those raw materials.

The design and modern technology ensure the oven has maximum heat retention. Hence, the vacuum load gets consistent and uniform heat distribution. That process occurs through conduction instead of the ineffective conventional air heat transfer.

So, you’re probably wondering, what makes the oven better? Our seasoned engineers with over 25 years of experience add two heat-saving properties. 

First, they develop the oven with a 3” steel insulator on the wall. That feature provides outstanding abilities in preventing heat loss. 

Second, the PID digital monitor uses thermocouples to detect and reset the temperature to the original value. Also, you don’t have to be an expert to operate the machine. You’ll have a simple time learning and running it.

Before you ask, the appliance has state-of-the-art safety measures in place. Those protocols include a dual-layer 1/2" safety glass. And our technicians ensure that the vacuum oven meets the thorough ISO and UL regulations.

Furthermore, the stainless steel interior fortifies the machine from rust and extreme heat. You’ll also find that metal on the vent valves and the oven tubing. And that design gives you a cleaner connection and long-term durability.

We process our vacuum ovens through a 2-time-24 hr vacuum leak routine test. Additionally, you’ll have access to our engineers if you encounter any issues.