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7.6 CuFt 24x24x24 200°C Vacuum Oven w/ 7 Aluminum Shelves - 220V

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Are you looking for a high-performance vacuum oven? 

You’ll get a product with modern heat-saving technology, unmatched temperature consistency, and elite safety standards. Those features result from the deep vacuum, low pressure, and the 5-side chamber heating jacket.


The oven reduces heat emission and wastage through the 3" insulation on the walls. Therefore, you’ll dry substances ranging from simple equipment such as glass and metal appliances. Or you’ll test complex aerospace and electrical equipment’s performance under those controlled conditions.

Additionally, you’ll degass aqueous solutions, extracts and heat-sensitive resins fast and easy. And the inert gas atmosphere prevents surface oxidation reactions from interfering with your procedures.

Space for your large-scale operations will never be an issue. Why? This vacuum oven holds the most capacity in the Elite series ovens. 

That volume amounts to 7.6 cubic feet, and the machine can fit up to seven thermo-conductive aluminium shelves. Furthermore, you can remove and re-adjust the flexible racks to get optimal space utilization.

The prime status stainless steel interior is easy to clean. It’s also long-lasting and rust-free.

Our engineers made monitoring effortless. And to serve that purpose, they equipped the machine with a PID device. That detector notices any temperature change. And it adds or reduces the heat back to normal.

You can also view your objects safely through the dual-layer 1/2" shield glass.

Other safety measures include temperature alarms and overtemp protection. Also, we test the machine twice in a 24hr period before shipping. And developers certify that the appliance meets the strict ISO and UL (150C max) specifications.

We offer a two-year warranty. And you’ll also get phone or email assistance from our gifted engineers in case of any technical problems.



This oven is offered in 220v 50/60Hz.

Please do not leave your oven unattended.

Operate oven at 200C for 15 minutes to clean the oven when it arrives.