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8.0 CuFt 250°C 13 Shelves Max Forced Convection Oven 220V

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This 8.0 cubic foot machine gives you flexibility, temperature consistency, and reliability. How? Manufacturers equip the oven with a microcontroller that regulates oven temperature within your desired range.

Additionally, our seasoned engineers ensure seamless heat transfer to your sample. Hence, they design the machine to allow gentle downward airflow along the chamber walls.

The convection oven holds up to 13 aluminum thermo-conductive shelves. Therefore, you can carry out many laboratory applications. And you can re-arrange the racks as you deem fit. Examples of ideal uses include medical device drying and sterilization. Also, you’ll dry items fast as the oven can heat up to 250°C 

Interestingly, that convenience extends to when a power blackout happens. Hence, you’ll notice that the machine has a memory function that retains the temperature values you had set initially. And when electricity is back, the appliance will pick up from where you left.

You’ll get durability and an easy time cleaning and maintaining the convection oven. Why? Because developers make the heating apparatus with stainless steel. Thus, the metal resists rust, extreme heat, and corrosive chemicals.

For safety, we toughen your machine with a double glazing viewing window. Moreover, there’s an emergency overheat protection feature that shuts down the oven. And you’ll get a temperature alarm that alerts you in case of out-of-range temperatures.

Technicians ensure the oven surpasses the strict UL, CSA, and CE manufacturing standards. And we test the product twice in a 24 hr period before shipping. 

Feel free to talk to our engineers via phone or email in case of any glitches with the product.