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14.5 CuFt 250°C 16 Shelf Forced Convection Oven - 220V

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Do you need a superior quality convectinal oven? You’re on the right page. This machine will give you precise temperatures, consistency, and reliability in your laboratory or industrial procedures. 

How will the machine achieve those qualities? 

Our talented team equips all ovens with a microcontroller. That way, you’ll only set your desired temperature once. And that device will then increase or decrease the warmth in case of any deviation.

Here’s the best part,

The convection oven has a memory add-on that preserves your settings during power blackout. Moreover, the machine will continue to fulfill your previous commands when the power is back on.

What’s the best use for the appliance?

Medical equipment drying and sterilization procedures will significantly benefit from this machine. The forced air temperature of up to 250°C provides that utility. Plus, the 14.5 cubic foot space allows you freedom for load optimization.

Also, the stainless steel interior is corrosion resistant and easy to clean. 

You’ll get several protective features. One is a sturdy double glazing viewing window. And the other implosion shield is the overtemp feature which shuts down the convection oven due to out of range temperatures.

Manufacturers ensure safety standards are up to par. Hence, the oven has UL, CSA, and CE certifications. And we test the products two times in 24hrs before shipping.