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Universal Vacuum Chamber Gasket

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Universal Vacuum Chamber Gasket

Do you need a replacement for your vacuum chamber gasket? Sure you do.

You don't want an ineffective vessel. That flaw would slow down your production time and cause massive losses. And you might have browsed around the internet but,

Many appliances in the market are cheap knockoffs. So, you might waste your money or make poor-quality items that damage your business reputation. You don't want that to happen.

You want a product that saves you maintenance costs. An appliance that is robust and durable enough to handle high clamping forces, heat, and the vacuum. This benefit means that your gasket should have a wide temperature range and outstanding compression press resistance.

Moreover, be careful when choosing your gasket's dimensions. A miscalculation of your vessel's size can make your purchase worthless. Luckily, our store has a variety. For example:

Choose the 10.75" gadget that can fit 10.75" diameter lids and up to 3/4" in thickness. Or you can opt for the 12.75" which can close lids 12.75" in diameter and up to 1" in thickness.

Experts recommend carefully choosing your gasket because some design materials slow the outgassing process. And that effect further extends the pump-down time.

Consequently, you spend more time, energy, and resources on processes that could have cost you less. So, it would be best if you had a high-quality gadget.

And of course, this appliance should be at a cost-effective price. Think about it.

Wouldn't that deal be profitable for you? It would.

You deserve a fail-proof product for your professional work. And BVV provides a gasket with heat-resistant silicone, built to serve you for a long time. You'll thus prevent vacuum chamber leaks and make purer and more potent products.

Improve your vacuum chamber's efficiency with the vacuum chamber gasket now

Our patented gasket #9475627

This vacuum chamber gasket is made out of durable and heat resistant silicone. It features a large flange on a single side so the user can adapt one of our lids to varyingly sized vessels.

Gasket Specifications:

  • 10.75" - Can Fit lids 10.75" in Diameter and up to 3/4" in thickness
  • 12.75" - Can Fit lids 12.75" in Diameter and up to 1" in thickness