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Therminol XP Heat Transfer Fluid

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Therminol XP heat transfer fluid (HTF) is a purified white mineral oil with incredible temperature stability and long lasting performance. The Therminol XP HTF is specially treated to be stable at high temperatures which is important for minimizing fouling and breakdown of the HTF due to oxidation and other degrading factors. That means Therminol XP is stable up to 600F (315C) in a closed system (open system temperature maximum varies). Therminol XP is also cGMP per NSF 21 CFR 172.878 HT1 - heat transfer fluid that is approved for incidental contact with food/product. That mean Therminol XP is safe a approved for heating applications in your cGMP production facility. It also give you piece of mind that you know your customers will always be safe when consuming your products! It’s also safe for the environment which means no hazmat cleanup! 

Therminol XP heat transfer fluid is commonly used among many industries where temperature control is vital. This includes pharmaceuticals, food production, making and molding plastics, adhesives/glues, desalination, and for the production of specialty chemicals.