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Summit Research Tech

SPD-6 FC45 Shorty

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SPD-6 FC45 models include 45/50 main bore with a 29/42 discharge and 24/40 thermoport.

This Shorty version comes equipped with vigreux, adding an element of rejection.

When Summit Research initially released the first fraction collector technology we knew it would be a hit. We have innovated the newest distillation technology with the industry leading high-efficiency heads. We have retrofitted all Summit Research heads to incorporate our patented distillation technology. These heads rival wiped film speeds at a fraction of the cost, and higher clarity/purity/speed. The fraction collector head offers extremely high-efficiency operational parameters unparalleled to anything available on the market. Summit delivers solutions and results to our customers coming from extensive research and design in the field of high speed, high potency, low temperature, consistent distillations day after day. The differences between the FC series heads are the heights. Lower height heads will have less selectivity with faster speeds and lower temps, taller heads will have slightly slower speeds with slightly higher temps with more selectivity. Partnered with our patented laminar path technology and the inverted cup cold trap/hardpipe kits, our customers experience smooth, fast and consistent clarity time after time. We innovate where others imitate. 100% made in USA with Schott glass.

As always, Summit uses 100% best quality glass blanks that are THICKER and built BEYOND STANDARDS made right here in the USA. Our glassware is made specifically for efficiency and durability. Summit provides the quality of lab equipment that you deserve.

GL14s, key and well stopper included.

Summit recommends all users of any and all glassware to operate inside a ventilated fume hood with sufficient blast shields to prevent injury in case of fatigued glass failure. Summit is not responsible or liable for the result of any failures from use, and/or loss of subsequent hardware contamination/failure with or without the result of material loss or damaged caused to surroundings. By purchasing our premiere lines of laboratory glassware the user is responsible to operate in the recommended environment safely. We recommend all users to operate in a legal and licensed facility where safety is the number 1 goal. SPD-6 FC45 Shorty