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Sintered Filter Disk Kit

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Sintered Filter Disk Kit

Stainless steel disk kits offer the user a great solution to help with finer filtration during the extraction and post-extraction process and they come standard with a 5 Micron Stainless Steel Sintered Filter Disk with Viton O-ring, filter plate, clamp, and gasket. These filter disk are recommended to be used simultaneously with ashless filter papers or any other filtration media like stainless steel ball bearings or steel wool (all sold separately) to increase surface and filtration level to remove fats, lipids, waxes, and any other unwanted material during the extraction process.

Note: These filter disks will clog without pre-filtration to help aid the fine filtration of the sintered disk. Please purchase separately from the links below depending on size and application type:

Filter Papers:

Filter Rings:

Ball Bearings:

Stainless Steel Wool:

Sizes Available:

    • 1.5"

    • 2"

    • 3"

    • 4"

    • 6"

    • 8"

    • 10"

    • 12"