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Siemens Touch Screen Controller with Explosion Proof Housing for Centrifuges

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45L Ethanol Wash/Dry Centrifuge

Disclaimer: When bought separately and NOT with our Centrifuge this item will have no warranty and all sales are final.

Industrial Centrifuges are used to separating liquids from solids and this style of centrifuge excels at alcohol extraction by forcefully separating the alcohol from the biomass.

Controller: This centrifuge is controlled by a Siemens Smart Line PLC. This PLC is pre-programmed to have both a soaking cycle, shown as AGITATION TIME on the screen, and a spin drying cycle, made of 4 separate specifications. SPIN TIME 1 through 4 allow the user to choose four different speeds and however long they wish to be at each speed. All four parameters labeled as SPIN TIME combine to make one spin cycle when the Spin button is pressed. To change a parameter, simply tap on the number to be changed and type in the desired value when prompted on screen. Any number displayed within a white box can be adjusted.

SPEED SET: This number represents the RPM as a percentage of the machine max speed. In this case the max speed is 1500RPM.

SET: This column will dictate how long the centrifuge spins for a cycle or at a specified speed within the cycle. For the Agitation Time, the Set value will control the total length of the agitation cycle. The FWD/REV TIME will control how long the basket will spin in one direction before reversing to cause agitation. The "current" value will only count up while at the set speed for the agitation cycle.

CURRENT: The "current" column will give a readout of how long the basket has been spinning at the set speed. This value will not increase while the centrifuge is increasing speed between SPIN TIME values. When running the agitation cycle, it will be complete when the count of seconds in the CURRENT reaches the value in the SET column. The centrifuge will stop automatically. For the spin cycle, the centrifuge will go through all 4 set SPIN TIME values, the CURRENT column will only begin to count when the centrifuge is at the set speed. The cycle time will not account for time taken to get up to speed.

Temperature: Shows a live readout of the temperature inside the centrifuge.
Inlet Valve and Drain Valve: These are two pre-programmed buttons that can be used with electronic valves. This unit does not come standard with these valves, but leaves the option open for the user to add them in the future. Wiring instructions are included as well.