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PolyScience IP-80 -80°C Cooler w/ Bent 1.875" Coil Probe

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Are you tired of buying dry ice or liquid nitrogen? Are you trying to mitigate the danger off-gassing CO2 or N2 into your laboratory space? Are you ready for consistent -80C temperatures, 24/7, with minimum maintenance?

Then you NEED this PolyScience IP-80.

This model includes a 180 degree bent probe so that the probe can be conveniently placed into a cold trap without having to have a large bending loop in the hose. This will ensure the function of the probe, and also prevent excessive force being applied to your cold trap. The coil probe maximizes the surface area, and thus heat transfer, in a small, 1.875" compact size. 

The IP-80 is a laboratory workhorse and one of High Desert Scientific's favorite pieces of equipment. The 100W of cooling at -80C is perfect for keeping our cold traps at a consistent -80C, without having to monitor it and buy/add dry ice.