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Polyscience Durachill Chiller 4.2 L 208/230 V - OPEN BOX

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OPEN BOX - Polyscience Durachill Chiller 4.2 L 208/230 V

Disclaimer: This unit is out of the original mfr. packaging and is in working condition and has never been used.

DuraChill was reimagined from the beginning to deliver you precise, stable and reliable performance accessible through an intuitive interface that makes it easy to operate and maintain.

As an ISO 9001 certified company, our processes and consistency assure that you receive a chiller that you can count on day after day; As human beings, our ISO 14001 environmental certification and commitment to do everything we can to improve and reduce our impact on the environment are at the core of this innovative new line of portable recirculating chillers.

Optimized refrigeration system ready for future migration to natural refrigerants

A highly optimized refrigeration system allows us to use less refrigerant than ever before, reducing the environmental footprint of the chiller. Everything in the DuraChill line of chillers has been engineered for the future migration to natural, low global warming potential refrigerants: Isolation of power components, non-sparking relays and forward-thinking design go beyond current environmental guidelines.

Intelligent Self Diagnostic System

DuraChill features an Intelligent Self Diagnostic system that allows each DuraChill chiller to store its complete initial operating performance profile in onboard on the day it is built. At any time, users can initiate the Self Diagnostic System to compare current performance against data stored on the day the chiller was first manufactured allowing for quick and definitive troubleshooting of performance issues.