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Oil Slick

Oil Slick Paper For Rosin and Storage

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Oil Slick Paper

Do you want to make pure rosin with a remarkable glossy appearance? Of course, you do.

Making quality products will satisfy customers and solidify a trustworthy reputation in the market. Also, you’ll inevitably earn more profits by consistently supplying high-grade products. 

Or maybe you’ve had terrible experiences with concentrates sticking to your paper. But what can you expect from inferior products?

So, it would be best if you had a non-stick, durable, high-quality, affordable sheet. This appliance should also tolerate the vacuum heat and shouldn’t wrinkle easily. Now, picture this:

How grand would it be to re-use your paper without damaging the initial quality experience? You would certainly save on production costs.

Moreover, you wouldn’t lose your rosin through the tedious scraping process. So, what’s the secret?

You’ll get a seamless cannabis production process with the oil slick paper. Top brands in the country confess that this product is better than glassware or parchment.

Why? No more frustrations, money, or time wastage, only a hassle-free solvent extraction process.

The slick sheet also offers long-term use without tears if you use it carefully. This benefit is because of the laboratory-grade PTFE film material. Also, the paper is 100% resistant to non-polar solvents like ethanol.

However, re-use your oil slick paper a few times as it may wrinkle and reduce the non-stick feature. And the best part is you don’t have to worry about finishing your paper or spending more. You’ll get 250 pre-cut pieces with every purchase. 

Can you use the sheet for other extraction procedures? Sure.

More uses include storage for sticky extracts, liner for various extraction apparatus, vacuum chamber inserts, and non-stick sleeves for glass on glass joints. Undoubtedly, you’ll get incomparable versatility.

Order your sheet, and we’ll deliver it to your address in 1-2 business days. Make premium rosin with the slick oil paper now!

Silicone release paper. Superior to parchment paper for making Rosin and drying water extracts.

Diamond Painting, sticker release, crafts and anywhere an ultra nonstick paper is required

Excellent for botanical extraction! Precuts save time and money. Huge step up from grocery store parchment.

Our innovative bonding technique plus medical grade silicone produces a paper that is STRONGER AND MORE NON-STICK THAN PARCHMENT.

  • Thick silicone coating
  • Moisture resistant
  • PH Balanced
  • 40# Base weight

1 package contains 250 Pre-cut Sheets 8.5x14"