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High Desert Scientific

Ethanol, 190 Proof USP (Pure Ethyl Alcohol, EtOH, C2H5OH)

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High Desert Scientific’s 190 proof USP grade is now available in 2x 55gal drums ($3198), 3x 55gal drums ($4797), 4x 55gal drum pallets ($6,250), 270gal totes ($7,800), or 330gal totes ($9,100, +3 day lead time) INCLUDING EXCISE TAX AND FREIGHT!

This is an amazing deal offering huge savings, especially while freight is at an all time high. Order today to lock in your supply for the best prices around! Send us an email at for bulk truckload 

Our 190 proof ethyl alcohol (EtOH) is dispensed directly from our Midwest production facility, into drums and totes, and shipped direct to you. Our 190 proof USP ethanol is constantly tested in order to ensure the highest purity and consistency, so you can be sure about your processes. This ethanol is ideal for industrial processing of drugs, foods, supplements, as well as cleaning, botanical extraction, chilling fluid, flavor additives, chemistry and pharmaceuticals, and more. This food grade ethanol is NOT denatured and is regulated by the TTB.