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High Desert Scientific

Delta Separations FFE-45 Falling Film Evaporator 45gal/hr

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3x unopened brand new units

2x units set up but never operational

If you need large scale ethanol solvent recovery then you need a Delta Separations FFE-45 falling film evaporator. This solvent recovery system offers 45 gallons per hour of ethanol solvent recovery that can alleviate major processing bottlenecks. The price includes both heating, chilling, and vacuum pump that power the 45gal/hr recovery rate, so you don’t have to worry about sourcing your own auxiliary systems. 

The FFE-45 replaces up to 6 rotovaps! The all steel design means no glass to break either. Save time and money with continuous solvent recovery.

The entire system uses less than 200 amps (192.6 amps) at 240V 3 phase. Please make sure you have the available power for this.

These units are ready to ship from Tennessee

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