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BVV™ 45L Centrifuge Bags

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This nylon bag is designed to fit in our BVV brand centrifuges to contain material and be easily swappable after runs to speed up processing times. These bags come with 2 zippers and come in 1, 10, 50, 100, and 200 micron filtration levels.

For use with 45L Centrifuges Appx. Size : 17.5" Diameter x 11.75" Height

SKU Appx. Diameter In. Appx. Height in.
CFB-45L-XXX 17.5" 11.75"
CFB-160L-XXX 32.25" 13"
CFB-280L-XXX 39.25" 14"
CFB-475L-XXX 47.25" 16.75"