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Summit Research Tech

Apollo Proportional Vacuum Controller

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The Apollo Proportional Vacuum Controller is the most advanced scientific laboratory vacuum controller, display, digital readout, and vacuum live reading analysis device on the market. This version of the Apollo can service up to FOUR REMOTE vacuum sensors of any kind with up to FOUR REMOTE vacuum valves that are controlled by the Digi-Vac dinamo proportional live CFM control valve.

This device is essential for high speed†rotary evaporation control†and crucial for controlling and even increasing recovery rates on†falling film evaporation†machines. The device works is by controlling a continuous CFM open-close valve that never actually stops moving. Typically it will not close but the effect is reached with the ability to increase or decrease CFM size allowing to maintain vacuum select point control. If the set point comes up, it will close the valve. If the set point goes down it will open the valve. Typically very minute movements inside make a huge performance difference and increase in vacuum pump performance allowing continual cfm-to-micron control. This Apollo controller can be expanded but comes with ONE EXTERNAL COUPLED device standard. This is an Apollo brain unit with a chemical duty touch screen, with remote valve/sensor.

Standard options are as follows:

  • The first board location is equipped by summit with one sensor designed for aggressive solvent use and one proportional valve (dinamo valve).

Further up-gradable options are as follows:

  • Three more slots are available to accept up to three more sensors and three more valves.
  • The additional optional upgrade is only several hundred dollars for each additional proportional valve control added-on. any length cable can be used, please inform us for a specialty need with longer cables than what is supplied.