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Agilent IDP-15 9 cfm Oil-Free Compact Dry Scroll Pump

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Agilent IDP-15 9 cfm Oil-Free Compact Dry Scroll Pump

Do you want to make premium quality products fast and effectively? By all means! This upgrade will smooth line your industrial operations, thus boosting your production rate. You will then sky-rocket your business revenue.

How? You’ll get those benefits with the Agilent dry scroll pump. This appliance gives you a fast turnaround time on all operations. And the best part is that the machine is compact without compromising its vacuum pulling power. 

The manufacturers believe premium products require premium equipment. So, you no longer have to worry about oil spills or leaks into your samples. The device’s design maintains your vacuum chamber’s purity through the pump isolation valve.

Noise experts also helped design the machine so you can enjoy a quiet and productive environment. This advantage is possible through the outer cowling and vibration isolators.

But what about maintenance costs? Interestingly, you can fix this pump in about 15 minutes, using a maximum of two tools. And the machine also tracks usage with an hour meter so you can schedule servicing effortlessly. What could be better?

You’ll thus get a cost-effective, fast, and stress-free experience in analytical instrumentation, semiconductor fabrication, research, industrial processing, etc. And luckily, this convenience isn’t far from your reach. 

Order your appliance, and we’ll deliver it to your business address in 1-2 business days. You deserve a quality appliance. And we guarantee you that attribute by testing all our pumps for leaks before shipping.

Stop waiting. Enhance your production quality through the Agilent IDP-15 9 Cfm oil-free compact dry scroll pump now!