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90-270G Apollo Top Fill Closed Loop Extractor

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Closed Loop Extractor

Do you want to multiply your botanical extract yield by over 10X? Sure, you do. This bountiful harvest would mean more revenue for you. Besides, imagine recovering your solvent and recycling it for other procedures without losing its effectiveness.

The machine would make scalability easier and help your company grow faster. And luckily, you don’t have to picture it anymore. You’ll get those benefits with the 90-270G apollo top fill closed loop extractor.

You’ll also have a fast, effective, and effortless processing time. Why? Because manufacturers equip the appliance with a vacuum and temperature system, using less energy for maximal yield. 

Your oil’s potency will increase because you’ll preserve delicate alkaloids, phenols, and flavonoids. This machine also eases oil collection and solvent recovery. You’ll get that convenience through a collection base and a recovery cylinder.

But what about durability? Glad you asked!

The device’s designers guarantee you’ll use your extractor for a long time. And you’ll get this benefit through the rust and corrosion-resistant stainless steel parts. Additionally, you’ll have a stress-free cleaning time.

Those advantages are outstanding, but what about the price? Don’t worry. You’ll get your machine at a cost-effective price. And we give you quality assurance by sourcing the extractor from reputable brands and testing it for leaks before shipping.

Faster and quality extracts are now closer to your reach. Order your extractor, and we’ll deliver it to your address in 1-2 business days. 

Boost your production rate and make premium products with the 90-270G apollo top fill closed loop extractor now!

***Note: Butane(Solvent) not included with systems unless ordered with dropdown menu or separately. Any order with butane WILL NOT SHIP EXPEDITED.

DISCLAIMER: This unit is intended for LEGAL purposes only, to be used in accordance with local laws and ordinances. Use only in extremely well-ventilated areas. Check with your local fire marshal for guidance when operating indoors


Closed Loop Reclamation Extraction System

(Comes with 1 yr. Limited warranty)


Please Read Optional Upgrades Section for Clarification on System Upgrades

The scalable closed loop hydrocarbon extraction system performs botanical extraction within a sealed, vacuumed system. Utilizing a top-fill input, solvent washes through the material column, collecting oils as it passes over the material. The oil-bearing solvent is collected in the collection base under the material column. Once collected, the solvent is distilled and recovered, leaving the oils in the collection base. This is a passive unit that utilizes pressure differences created by manipulating temperature to move solvent.


Extractor Configurations:

  • Explorer: Our standard, most economical setup, perfect for the entry-level extractor on a budget. It comes with a welded bottom base and a standard LP tank. This model has minimal features to keep costs low while providing the necessary equipment to get the job done.


  • Professional: This model features upgrades to help produce a higher quality extract. Coming with a sleeved spool, this model allows users to utilize dry ice to freeze the material column. This will help lock in fats and waxes to the material. An inline ball valve is used to allow the solvent to be suspended in the material column, as well as closing the collection base off during recovery. Upon completion of the run, extract removal is made simple by adding a removable bottom to the collection base.


  • Elite: The Elite series is the premium version of the Professional. It features all American-made instrumentation valves by SSP, an AVCO ultra-low temperature inline ball valve, and all high-pressure clamps. The elite series adds a level of dependability needed for those seeking to produce the highest quality extracts.


Explorer Professional Elite
  • BVV 316SS Full Bore Valves
  • Welded Bottom Base
  • BVV 316SS Full Bore Valves
  • Dewaxer
  • Ball Valve
  • Splatter Platter Base
  • SSP Valves
  • Dewaxer
  • AVCO Ball Valve
  • HP Clamps
  • Splatter Platter Base


Kit Includes:

  • 6" x 6" Collection Base
  • 1.5" Material Column (12",18",24", or 36")
  • 6lb Recovery Cylinder
  • 1/4" Stainless Steel Braided PTFE hoses
  • Buna-N Gaskets
  • Standard Valves


*Note: Column capacity may vary depending on the density of packed material and packing density. Capacity is calculated using the industry standard of 4.2g/in3. This is the upper limit for column capacity. Low density, uncut, and/or lightly packed material can reduce capacity by 50%.
For best results, we recommend to tightly pack coarse ground material.



Cylinder Volume

Select Material

How Much Will Fit in Cylinder

Volume x Weight of Water x Specific Gravity

Weight of Water = 0.0360 (lbs / in3)
Specific Gravity of =

Account for an 80% fill to avoid a hydraulic lock

How Much Material Will Fit in the Cylinder

Packing Density (g) 2.5 3 3.5 4.3
Grams of Material
Lbs. of Material