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Summit Research Tech

50L SH Roto ETL

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Model SH 50L Roto
Speed-regulation of main machine LCD Display, variable frequency, stepless speed regulation
Rotary speed Maximum 120rpm
Rotating motor 100W
Evaporating capability Water‚â•9 : Alcohol‚â•19 (L/H)
Achievable vacuum Below 399.9Pa
Water bath temperature range Ambient - 180°C
Constant-temperature resolution ±1°C
Power supply Single phase 220V 60Hz
Heater wattage 8kW
Condensing tube type Standing, main+ auxiliary cooling and highly efficient 3 circulating cold trap
Condensing area main : 0.91m2 auxiliary : 0.52m2
Rotary bottle 50L
Collecting bottle 20L
Vacuum sealing Double sealing rings (Teflon) + Viton materials
Water bath size _550x320mm / _21x13"
Water bath material Stainless water bath
Water bath volume 77L
Environment temperature 5-35°C

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