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30lb Closed Loop Extraction System

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30lb Closed Loop Extraction System

Note: This system has a 3-4 week lead time.

The 30lb Rack system by BVV™ is a full turnkey hydrocarbon extraction system. Featuring (4) 6" x 36" material columns, the unit is capable of processing up to 30lbs per run; or can be run as a continual feed. The solvent is input into the material columns from a rack-mounted solvent input manifold. Solvent is dispersed into the material from a showerhead endcap, making sure material is evenly saturated. Each column independently dumps into the collection base.
The 30lb collection base features an internal heated coil and jacketed exterior. Solvent temperature can be monitored during recovery using the installed thermowell. The unit is heated by a HUBER T305 heater. The 30lb unit comes standard with Æ‚âà√≠©" recovery lines and an MVP 150 recovery pump. Recovered vapors are re-condensed in a jacketed 40ft coil, chilled by a HUBER CS50, then stored in 150L reclaim tank. The solvent is chilled by an internal coil within the reclaim tank, keeping pressure low for quick and efficient recovery.

The 30lb Rack Unit includes:

  • (4) Rack Mounted 6" x 36" Material Columns w/ Showerhead and Filter Plate
  • 150L Jacketed Collection Base w/ jacket, coil, and thermowell
  • 3" x 36" Molecular Sieve
  • MVP 150 C1D1 Recovery Pump
  • 40ft Jacketed Condensing Coil
  • 150L Reclaim Tank w/ Coil
  • HUBER T305
  • HUBER CS50
  • ArlynGuard P5-30 C1D1 Scale
  • BVV™ Pro-Series 21.2 CFM Vacuum Pump
Power Requirements:
  • MVP 150:
  • HUBER CS-50: 208V 3~ 20A
  • HUBER T305: 208V 3~ 15A

*Note: Column capacity may vary depending on the density of packed material and packing density. Capacity is calculated using the industry standard of 4.2g/in3. This is the upper limit for column capacity. Low density, uncut, and/or lightly packed material can reduce capacity by 50%.
For best results, we recommend to tightly pack coarse ground material.

Cylinder Volume

Select Material

How Much Will Fit in Cylinder

Volume x Weight of Water x Specific Gravity

Weight of Water = 0.0360 (lbs / in3)
Specific Gravity of =

Account for an 80% fill to avoid a hydraulic lock

How Much Material Will Fit in the Cylinder

Packing Density (g) 2.5 3 3.5 4.3
Grams of Material
Lbs. of Material

Cans of Butane by Size

mL fl oz lbs # of Cans
420 14.2
300 10.1
200 6.7
150 5.07