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3 Finger Clamp Adjustable 0-70mm

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3 Finger Clamp Adjustable Up to 70mm

You’re tired and frustrated, aren’t you? Most laboratory procedures require you to mix, heat, or monitor dangerous reactions.

Unfortunately, most people hold test tubes, beakers, flasks, etc., with their hands. Or they buy poor quality holders leading to various problems.

For example, using those lab tools in that manner may lead to inaccurate experiments, inferior products, and inadequate processing. Or worse, you burn yourself, inhale toxic chemicals or encounter other laboratory accidents. Of course, you don’t want that to happen.

So, how can you smooth line your lab or industrial processes? The solution is simple.

You need a sturdy equipment holder which helps you focus on the critical aspects of production. An appliance with incredible versatility to hold different workpieces without damaging them.

Also, you want a durable and reliable clamp that doesn’t break or need constant maintenance. No one enjoys restarting procedures because their holding device failed and their sample spilled.

These glitches are annoying and costly, and luckily you can avoid them. Here’s how.

Your industrial or laboratory operations will be effortless with the 3-finger clamp. No more accidental spills or safety issues, only better, faster, and quality procedures.

Yet, how grand would it be to get your robust equipment at a cost-effective price? Indeed, you would save some money.

The clamp gives you an adjustable tight grip for the equipment you’re working with (up to 70 mm). So, you can handle beakers, flasks, flashlights, webcams, and other lab glassware. You’ll get this effect through the anti-skid feature of the rubber-coated prong jaws.

This apparatus is fail-proof through the durable alloy steel material on the metal parts. And you only need a lab stand and a connector to fix it firmly. You’re one step away from creating a workspace that fits your standards.

Order your appliance, and we’ll deliver within 1-2 business days. Foster stress-free lab operations with the 3-finger clamp now!

3 Finger Clamp has an adjustable diameter of up to 70mm.

Ideal for holding workpieces, lab equipment, beakers, flasks, flashlights, webcams, etc. Three-finger clamps are used to hold larger pieces of glassware.