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3/8" Reinforced Food Grade Vacuum Chilling Tubing -60°c to +135°C

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Vacuum Chilling Tubing

Do you want a flexible but durable vacuum tube? Below you'll get an appliance that provides you with more than those benefits. Other advantages include reducing maintenance costs, creating quality products, and stress-free operations.

Moreover, you'll have a long-term use as this product can resist acids, alkali, ozone, UV, oxidizing agents, and high temperature (-60°C to 135°C). The design material and additional reinforcement within the apparatus’s walls also give it high-pressure tolerance.

And interestingly, you can handle procedures involving food products. Why? Because this appliance is non-toxic. Hence, the FDA rates it as food-grade.

Those benefits are good, but what about the price? Don't worry. You'll get your tubings at a cost-effective price, allowing you to scale up and focus on other business aspects. 

So, where can you get your vacuum chilling tube? You can trust a few companies to give you the quality you deserve. Thus, it would be best to vet them wisely. And luckily, we can guarantee you'll get a five-star apparatus because we test all our products for glitches before shipping.

Therefore, you can easily handle applications like animal and vegetable oil processing, clean-in-place, and steam-in-place cleaning. Whatever you're processing, you can be sure of one thing. You'll get more extended service because the tubing can handle extreme conditions. 

Smooth operations are closer to you now more than ever. Order your tubings, and we'll deliver them to your business address in 1-2 business days. 

Optimize your company's production quality with the 3/8" reinforced food grade vacuum chilling tubing now!