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2 Way Ball Valve - Female NPT

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2 Way Ball Valve - Female NPT

SSP Instrumentation Flolok™ manually operated two-way ball valves provide quick Æ‚Äö√†¥ turn directional flow control of fluids in instrumentation and process systems.


  • Directional handle indicates flow direction
  • Panel Mountable
  • 90-degree actuation
  • Straight through flow path
  • Micro finished ball provides a positive seal
  • Free-floating ball design provides compensation for seat wear for repetitive sealing
  • Blow-out proof ball & stem
  • Standard Product Testing - Every ball valve is assembled and tested @ 1000 psig (68.9 bar) with Nitrogen

Body Material 316 Stainless Steel
Pressure Rating
3000 PSIG
@37C 208 BAR
@300F 2500 PSIG
@148C 172 BAR
Connection Type 1 Female NPT
Connection Size 1 Specified by User
Connection Type 2 Female NPT
Connection Size 2 Specified by User
Handle Type Nylon-Stainless Steel Insert
Handle Color Black
Packing Material PTFE

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