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16 CuFt 100°C Vacuum Oven w/ 6 Heated Shelves UL

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Vacuum ovens are essential for laboratory operations. Vacuum ovens are used to remove moisture and water vapor from adsorbent and color remediating media, as well as glass and metal equipment used for water sensitive chemicals and reactions. The ovens have six stainless steel shelves with heaters in them, ensuring a uniform and consistent temperature. Your products or equipment will literally be surrounded on all sides by gentle and consistent heat. The digital PID monitors the heat in the oven via thermocouples, so it is able to increase or decrease heat in real time in order to maintain a consistent temperature. 

This 16 cubic foot vacuum oven is the second smallest of the AT series ovens. The oven includes a stainless steel interior, 3" of insulation on the walls, all stainless steel internal tubing, and dual layer 1/2" safety glass. The oven also includes safety features like temperature alarms, overtemp protection, and was manufactured to ISO and UL specifications. 

The 16 cf's 6 heated shelves and extra large size combined with the the oven's vacuum tight seal (tested twice before leaving the factory), this ovens is perfect for degassing resins and extracts on a large scale.

The oven is also backed by a two year warranty, and we're always available by phone or email for additional troubleshooting. 


This oven is offered in 110v and 220v 50/60Hz.

Please do not leave your oven unattended.

Operate oven at 200C for 15 minutes to clean the oven when it arrives.