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10" SS Cold Trap with KF25 Ports

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Stainless Steel 10" KF25 Cold Trap Kit

This low-vacuum stainless steel cold trap is vital to protecting vacuum pumps from corrosive solvents and vapors. Built with 2x KF25 ports, this cold trap can attach to full bore stainless steel bellows, and will sit in between your process and your vacuum pump, to ensure smooth operations. 

The cold trap works by adding a dry ice slurry (with ethanol, acetone, isopropyl alcohol, etc), or Polyscience IP-80 Cold Finger, to the internal stainless steel chamber. This chamber can hold 1.5 gallons of fluid, so there is a tons of cooling and surface area (234.45, in fact) for vapors to condense. Once the internal condenser is filled, in can be inserted into the external chamber and sealed with a silicon o-ring to ensure a vacuum tight seal. 

This cold trap has been tested down to 30 microns, so it is perfect for use with equipment like vacuum ovens, rotovaps, falling/rising films, and reactors. 

View of 10" x 10" Cold Trap