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0.9 CF BVV Neocision ETL Lab Certified Vacuum Oven

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0.9 Cubic Foot, 5 Wall Heating, 8 Shelves Standard

We love this 0.9 Cu Ft oven for maximizing a small amount of space, and your budget!

The 5-wall heating allows room for 8 aluminum shelves, so you can pack a ton of product into this tiny package. 

The vacuum oven allows the user to apply gentle heat and vacuum to a diluted substance, in order to evaporate the diluent from, or "de-gas", the product. This process is commonly done for drying fruit and vegetables, setting epoxy and resin, and botanical or food extracts. 

The vacuum oven is made of stainless steel, so whether you're trying to evaporate water or a corrosive substance like ethanol or butane, this vacuum oven can handle it. The oven can also maintain temperature within ±1.0°, and can heat up to a homogeneous temperature over 30 minutes faster than competitors! A thorough leak test also ensures that this oven will reach and maintain vacuum for days!

0.9cf Touchscreen Oven Heating