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Collection: Buy Glass 50L Reactor for Sale

50L Reactor

Do you want a cost-effective and reliable glass reactor? Then, you're on the right page.

This appliance will help you hold and process materials quickly and effectively. Below, you'll see where you can apply this tool, the benefits to expect, and the features that make it stand out.

Where Can You Apply the Glass Reactor?

The Chemical Industry

You'll get more quality results in your laboratory when you use this apparatus. The glass reactor works by holding the chemicals you want to process under a synthetic vacuum. Therefore, no contaminants will interfere with your procedures.

This lab appliance gives you flexibility. To illustrate, you can use batch or continuous reactors in your operations. Additionally, you can combine these tools to enhance your reactions through catalyst or reagent forms.

Examples of applications include chemical engineering and industrial or pharmaceutical chemistry labs.


Laboratory glass reactors are cost-effective appliances that are easy to use and monitor. 

You'll also get more versatility and the ability to upgrade your setup to an automated system. These tools are also available in different sizes, and you can use them for biological, chemical, and pharmaceuticals.

Reputable companies improve their glass reactor's durability and reliability by making them with top-tier borosilicate material. You'll therefore get a chemical and heat resistant appliance. Also, this glass allows you to make accurate readings and measurements in experiments.

The Pharmaceutical Industry

Glass reactors help pharmacists maintain high purity standards in their products. You'll also get a robust, hard-to-break product because artisans make these tools with pharma-grade material. This feature, therefore, promotes stable heat transfer for quality sample processing and damage aversion.

What could be better than that?

Biological Studies

Scientists get a sterile, maximal yield from the glass reactor. This benefit results from the tool's vacuum creation and stable temperature supply. You'll also enjoy the user-friendliness of this appliance in your research.

You'll cut electricity bill costs through the thermo insulation jacket on the reactor. This accessory maintains your recirculating fluid temperature, extends chiller life, and prevents frost formation. Extra features include drawstrings for better monitoring.

The 50L glass reactor also helps you perform high-quality biological procedures. And through the smooth feeding, aeration, and monitoring, you'll enhance cell growth and expression. Therefore, you can prepare your yeast cultures without worrying about degradation.

Industrial Applications

Using the glass reactor, you'll get a better, quiet feeding rate and efficient temperature utilization. 

Industrialists thus prefer these tools for multiple processing phases like the liquid and gaseous operational stages. And if you're using a jacketed appliance, you can either cool or heat your sample with the surrounding fluid.

Ensure you get a glass reactor that meets your ideal heat, rate, and size specifications.

Tips on How to Use the Glass Reactor

Choose your ideal glass reactor model based on the chemicals you're mixing and your expected result. This single step will help you ease the decision-making process when buying. 

Use corks to prevent chemical leaks and ensure accuracy in your experiments. This protective measure will also safeguard your health when working with toxic chemicals. And you'll avoid unwanted reactions with the glass lining.

You can use this apparatus for procedures such as stirring, pressure control, or membrane reactions.

Precautions When Using the Glass Reactor

Handle these appliances with care, as some only have a glass covering. But you'll still get long-term durability and stability through the solvent-resistant glass and PTFE on the sealing components. Here are some safety measures to follow.

Adjust Openings When Using the Reactor

Air leakage into the vacuum can cause a devastating explosion that can hurt you or your employees. So ensure you close all the relevant openings and that there are no leakages. 

You'll improve performance when vent valves open to prevent the accumulation of air when filling up the reactor.

Read the Instruction Manuals

You'll get optimal safety and efficiency when you know your appliance's limits. So, read the instructions accompanying the glass reactor.

Ensure other accessories you connect to the reactor provide the standard temperature and pressure requirements. That way, you'll get the most from this tool.

Experts emphasize that you maintain the recommended temperature to prevent thermal shock. This occurrence may interfere with the safety features and cause accidents. You don't want that to happen.

Filter Your Samples

Filtering substances before putting them into the reactor prevent glass breakage. 

Here's How You Improve Your Lab

Glass reactors are a must-have addition to your laboratory. 

These appliances help you create a vacuum and maintain consistent temperatures in all your procedures. So, you can use the device to set up reactions for different materials. And you'll produce quality results in your lab research and industrial or pharmaceutical operations.

Grab your 50L glass reactor now!