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Pro-Pak Distillation Packing - 1oz

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Pro-Pak Distillation Packing - 1oz

Pro-Pak™ is a very efficient and effective short path distillation column packing with very unique wetting properties. Pro-Pak applications can range from lab usage, pilot plant distillation columns and small distillation manufacturing plants. This Material is self-wetting, so the equilibrium time is reduced significantly during distillation and can be stopped and started without a lengthy delay in the process. Pro-Paks surface of the material is available for mass transfer which contributes to its high efficiency. This packing has a unique shape that eliminates the packing from binding and interlocking and makes the filling and emptying of the column very easy.

    • Ideal for Laboratory and Pilot Scale Distillation Columns

    • High-Efficiency Design

    • Unique Wetting Properties

    • Atmospheric and Reduced Pressure Distillation Applications

Pro-Pak™ Brochure

Pro-Pak™ is formed from metal ribbon through which more than 1000 tiny holes per square inch have been punched. As the points of the die push through the metal, jagged burrs are formed on the reverse side of the ribbon. Pro-Pak™'s self-wetting properties derive from a rectangular network of capillaries on the surface of the metal, produced by the combined effect of the holes in the ribbon and the roughness of the burrs. These properties ensure that Pro-Pak™ stays wet in service in the distillation column and retains its high efficiency. Because the surface area of the packing remains effective under low liquid loadings, high column efficiency is maintained at vapor velocities very much lower than the flooding velocity.

Pro-Pak™ can be used for both atmospheric and reduced pressure distillations down to 10 mm Hg condenser pressure. As the operating pressure decreases, efficiency increases. The HETP (height equal to a theoretical plate) varies from 0.5 inches to 1.4 inches in a 1-inch diameter column, depending on operating pressure and reflux rate.

The large surface area made effective by the wettability of Pro-Pak™ allows for efficient mass transfer between the liquid and vapor phases. The surface area is approximately 576 square feet per cubic foot for the 0.16-inch size and 372 square feet per cubic foot for the 0.24-inch size. The packing factor is 693 for the 0.16-inch size and 420 for the 0.24-inch size.

High free space is especially important in vacuum distillation (for reduction of pressure drop) and in extractive distillation and absorption (where high liquid or vapor loading is common). Pro-Pak™ has high free space: 94% for the 0.16-inch size and 96% for the 0.24-inch size. Because of its high free space, Pro-Pak™ has a high flood rate.

In addition to type 316 stainless steel packing, listed below, Pro-Pak™ is also available in Monel, Nickel, Hastalloy C and Carpenter 20.

CANNON manufactures special inter-distributor screens and hold down screens that provide optimum efficiency for Pro-Pak™ columns. These screens are manufactured on a custom basis to fit any specified column diameter.

Our Pro-Pak™ brochure contains additional information. A free sample of Pro-Pak™ can also be supplied. Please contact CANNON™ to receive a free copy of the Pro-Pak™ brochure and a sample of the packing.